BathCult was formed by Carré Callaway and Christina Masterson, both first-generation Asian-Americans working in creative fields. The two bonded over a simple shared passion for natural products and self-care. Disappointed by what was offered on the market — synthetic ingredients, overproduction, and wasteful packaging-they began experimenting in their homes, making bath and skin treatments with organic elements like herbs, teas, and mushrooms. The resulting venture, BathCult, was formed with the aim of formulating products that were not only enjoyable to use but that one could also feel good about using. BathCult believes that self-care and environmental care should operate on the same principles: balance, integrity, and mindful attention to ourselves and our world. 

"Our mission is to create luxurious self-care products without compromising our planet and its resources. We are determined to prove that being environmentally responsible can elevate your lifestyle rather than be an inconvenience. We make every effort to be as plastic-free as possible -using packaging material that is reusable and/or made from recycled goods. Our ingredients are naturally sourced, non-GMO, predominantly organic and always vegan and cruelty-free. As new science is developed and our business grows, we aim to increase our sustainability while creating rituals of self-care that can heal and pamper —one bath at a time. Join us." 


Carré + Christina